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Soi Diamond Pattaya

Soi Diamond Pattaya

Soi Diamond is one of Pattaya's (not so) hidden gems.

Located between Walking Street and Pratamnak (Second) Road it is usually accessed via the Diamond Arcade on Walking street. If you are unsure just look for the picture to the right although it is currently missing a few neons. If you enter Walking Street from the Beach Road end it is on your left hand side around 200 metres down.

It is home to over 25 bars, gogo bars, hotels and restaurants and is one of the most popular night life zones in Pattaya. You can spend the whole evening on Soi Diamond or, as most people do, move on to the melting pot of Walking Street itself.

Soi Diamond itself has two component parts, the Diamond Plaza at the Walking Street end which has two walkways with a beer bar complex in the centre plus many of the gogo bars, and the alleyway at the Pratamnak Road end. Both areas have plenty of bars and gogo bars but the restaurants are mainly located in the alleyway itself.

Recommended bars and GoGo bars

Soi Diamond4


Heaven Above. Widely regarded as one of Pattaya's best gogo bars.

Gentlemens Club


Gentlemens Club. Small but popular gogo bar.

Soi Diamond gogo bar


Paris Agogo bar. One of the older and smaller gogo bars but our favourite and definitley worth a visit if you are in the area.

Shark Soi Diamond Pattaya


Shark Pattaya. Large club style gogo bar with many entrances from both Soi Diamond and Soi 15. Currently one of the most happening venues in Pattaya.

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