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Soi Diamond Bar Owners Information

If you are the owner of a bar, hotel or restaurant etc in Soi Diamond you can add your details to this website as follows:-

Free Listing - you will be added in the list under relevant heading i.e. bars, hotels etc. There will be no links and no additional details page. You will not be able to add your events and parties.

Paid Listing - this will include the above PLUS links to a full details page and button in the left hand navigation bar. Advertising is removed on these pages which can include a description, gallery and contact/location details.

Prices are as follows:-

  • 10,000 baht per annum (or 1000 baht per month) to include maintenance and listings in the promotions and events pages.


  • 5000 baht per annum with no maintenance or events listings.


To contact us please send an email to